What Is So Amazing About Sublimation Products?

What it is:

Products that express personal emotions like picture, printed products or scrapbooks are highly being accepted by people as sentimental gifts. Sublimation products an example for printed gifts.

The dye follows simple process of going solid from gas without being at liquid state. These products show your effort towards making something special for a loved one. Many of us are not good with word hence, gifting something meaningful say all you want to say as actions speak louder than words.

This solely works on the basis of personalization and customization. Your idea, your concept is all what creates these products. In other word it is the process of inking your cloudy thoughts and making them a reality.

The technique:

How this work is that, you can get a picture or many pictures printed on different items like mugs, phone cases or on anything else you would prefer.

What makes these products so unique is its high quality, printing technique and custom color choice. Mainly the magic lies with the quality of ink & toners this gives the printing on the product a firm shine and guarantees no color washout.

The Wow factor:

  • The transfer of image to the product requires constant pressure and heat, it is the perfect combination of these two elements only which can result in an ideal printing.
  • For this type of printing the Epson 1430 is mostly, its printer ink cartridges replaces the use of toner which helps with making the printing process quicker and effectual. This affects the price of production as well, the replacement cost of a cartridge is less as to that of a toner.
  • Large sizes of such printers are installed in the printing centers where all such activity takes place. The design is pressed hard against the product that a certain time comes when the design becomes a part of the product.
  • The design and color are filled in one go hence it saves time plus cost. This means preparation of on screen for each design.
  • Best results are found on light or pastel colored backgrounds. As they highlight the images.

The Products:

These printed items become a memory lock for you and your loved one. It can be displayed or used for many purposes. Some of the famously used products are as follow:

  • Shirts
  • Mirrors
  • Key chains
  • Greeting cards
  • Laptop cases
  • Drink ware
  • Clocks
  • Bags
  • Jewelry
  • Coasters
  • Plaques and Awards
  • Ornaments
  • Badges
  • Office Accessories
  • Night stands
  • Photo stones

Benefits of this:

  • The quality of printing keeps colors bright and highlighted.
  • Detailed and well defined images.
  • No color barrier.
  • Smooth silk feeling. The original feel of the product feels the same.


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